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About Us

Every girl needs a perfect dress for a sizzling night out, so why is it so hard to find great dresses? Lady in Red was launched in 2012 to cater to fashionable girls looking for that perfect combination of sophistication, sexiness and style. We believe that finding a great dress should be easy. We don't believe that you should struggle to find a dress in your size or spend hours wasting away in a cashier's line.

Stocking great dresses from the best Australian designers is our mission. The Lady in Red online store offers a diverse selection of dress styles suited to any occasion. All of our dresses are right at your fingertips. There's no need to wade through rack after rack of clothes to find the perfect look for you.

Lady in Red is your go-to source for the best in going-out dresses. We know that our customers are fashionable girls seeking style inspiration and we are dedicated to offering it to them. The right dress can offer any woman the winning edge on a big night out. We also offer great casual wear for the girl who wants the perfect everyday look too.

The Lady in Red

Everyone in the room turns their head when the Lady in Red enters. She is seriously sexy and delightfully playful. She's the lady who knows how to get what she wants in any situation. She makes an impression on everyone she knows and is well-liked for her unique, fun sense of style.

More than anything, the Lady in Red exudes confidence. She's secure in herself because she knows that she looks beautiful and carries herself well. It is this confidence, visible to everyone who knows her, that makes the Lady in Red such a special person.

The Lady in Red doesn't just have confidence. She also has the ability to command any room. Yes, she's got a great personality and a beautiful style.

The Lady in Red also has something else. She has a great sense of fashion. She picks the perfect dress for every occasion. The right dress can give anyone a boost in self-esteem and confidence. A great dress makes the Lady in Red look and feel like a million dollars. She can exude confidence because she feels beautiful.